Donald Trump Classic Collection Cufflinks

Sometimes current events can affect the value of resale items. For example, when a celebrity passes away, items connected to them often spike in value (although they may drop again once popular interest has decreased). In light of the recent Presidential election, items associated with the President-Elect may increase in value.

Is The Timing Right?

Two years ago, I sold a pair of Donald Trump cufflinks in one of my sales. Not a pair of Donald Trump’s personal cufflinks, but a pair from his Classic Collection. They were silver with a lovely black onyx center and a Greek scroll pattern surrounding the stone.

What’s Out There?

The Donald Trump Classic Collection was available through Macys. It included durable items such as cufflinks and tie clips, as well as less durable items such as suits, shirts, and ties. There were also cologne and skin-care products. Some of the durable items are still around, and can be found in the resale market.

Has the Value Changed?

I sold these particular cufflinks two years ago for about $20, and you could find them on ebay for $5 to $45. Now, in January 2017, you can find them on ebay for $20 to $60. So, there’s been a nice bump up in value compared to two years ago.

Will It Be Collectible in the Future?

Whether or not these Donald Trump Classic Collection cufflinks will be collectible or increase in value in the future depends on a lot of factors, many of them unforeseeable. But, if you're a collector, look for new Donald Trump-branded merchandise, including pieces sporting the Presidential Seal.

Do you have any Donald Trump merchandise? Have you checked on its value recently? Let us know what you find.

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  • Donna

Donna Davis has over twenty years of experience in the antiques and estate sale business, and conducts sales every weekend in the Greater Atlanta Area. She is also the Founder and Director of the National Association of Estate Liquidators, and Lead Instructor of NAOEL’s online school. You can contact Donna by email at or by phone at 800-521-8820.

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