Average Income Estate Liquidator Business

The estate sale business is booming. This business is truly recession-proof as executors look for help in selling personal property left in an estate, as well as baby boomers who are downsizing and selling many of their belongings. In fact, baby boomers are a large part of an estate sale liquidator’s business.

Recently I read on Indeed.com that the average income for an estate sale liquidator is $66,000.

Although I’m not sure how accurate that statement is, I do know that if the estate sale agent is trained, educated and committed to hard work, they should easily exceed that $66,000 average.

Consider this: The average estate sale company charges anywhere from 25% to 40% of the total proceeds, with 30% being the norm. If the company conducts a sale with end-of-sale proceeds equaling $8,000 and they charged 30%, the estate sale company has earned $2,400 for that sale!! Of course, there are labor charges for helpers, and other expenses. But I can assure you the other expenses we pay are very low compared to other occupations.

So, let’s say the company only cleared $2,000 and they conducted 3 sales that month. Take $6,000 x 11 months you do come up with $66,000. Some sale proceeds are much higher than $8,000, and some are lower. I would say $66,000 or higher is a very nice income and you can be your own boss!

But, let me caution you that conducting a sale for someone else is a large responsibility. You are not only pricing and selling items, but you will be held responsible for every aspect of the sale. It takes ongoing education and training to maintain a successful estate sale company.