PEZ Dispensers at Estate Sales?

I have to admit that even though they’ve been around for decades, I had no idea the potential value of these funny little candy dispensers. Vintage and rare PEZ dispensers routinely sell for hundreds of dollars, and believe it or not the rarest dispensers have sold for thousands. Although you might not see many of them at estate sales, keep your eye out for the occasional collector.


What is a PEZ Dispenser?

Most people are familiar with PEZ candy and the fun dispensers they come in. The original dispensers made in the 40s and 50s were designed to look like a lighter and held mints which were promoted to help stop smoking. In the mid-50s PEZ began marketing the sweeter candy to children and featuring the character heads we are more familiar with, as well as other unique shapes such as a laser gun.

What is a Vintage PEZ Dispenser Worth?

Vintage dispensers (especially if they’re in original packaging) often sell in the $100-$200 range on eBay, and some rare dispensers have sold for up to $500. The PEZ company website has a photographic history of their dispensers, so you may want to make yourself familiar with the vintage designs that may fetch a higher price from collectors. Go to their Collector’s Corner and click on Dispenser Archive by Year.

Rare PEZ Dispensers

Dispensers are considered “rare” usually because a very small number of them were produced, or tghey were made for a particular event. According to this eBay article, some of the rarest dispensers include the Mickey Mouse Softhead, the 1982 World’s Fair, and the Political Donkey and Elephant, and they can sell for thousands of dollars. Recently a rare green-eyed cow sold on eBay for $950.

Finding Vintage PEZ Dispensers

Where are you likely to find PEZ dispensers if they are part of your upcoming estate sale? Just about anywhere! But particularly look in boxes, bags, or groups of toys, especially smaller plastic toys. Check household storage areas such as attics and basements among items that have been “packed away.” But, don’t overlook unusual places such as bureau drawers and the kitchen “junk drawer.”

Watch especially for dispensers still in their original packaging. You can search on eBay for the type of dispenser and look for recent sales in your area to determine its value.

Have you come across any rare or unusual PEZ dispensers? Share your success stories!

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